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February 1, 2023

The UCL Global Masters Scholarship was established by University College London to assist students from lower-income households in realizing their aspiration of attending university in the United Kingdom. This scholarship has been established by the University College London for master’s degree programs. According to the World University Rankings, it is the ninth best in the world. UCL is a well-regarded university with top-notch academics and research.

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This international fellowship in London seeks to attract capable and academically outstanding students to UCL by providing them with financial assistance. With the help of this UK scholarship, students can study with the best teachers in the world. Innovators, business disruptors, intellectuals, and change-makers call it home. Students participate in hundreds of programs for academic study and practical research. The UCL master’s scholarship encourages diversity and individuality in the way people think. The UCL Global Masters Scholarship was established to encourage interaction and engagement between students from various backgrounds. The University College London Scholarship in the UK arranges a platform where the students become part of the alumni network. UCL gives a free alumni card to its students to develop their businesses, boost their development, extend their experience, and access lifestyle and leisure benefits.

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Major public research university University College London is located in London, United Kingdom. One of the best multidisciplinary universities in the world is UCL. Its employees, students, and partners will be further motivated by University College London’s unique approach to research, education, and innovation to change how the world is perceived, knowledge is disseminated, and global issues are resolved. For the first time, women and students of all religions are both welcomes at UCL. In order to allow international students to attend the university despite their financial limitations, UCL also provides scholarships to them. At Global University London, the three tenets of diversity, peace, and gender equality have taken hold.

These principles direct the generations of academics leaving universities as they envision a better society for all people. From the biological sciences to discovering the first water vapor on the other inhabited planet of the space globe, University College London students have succeeded in every field.

Students from all over the world have the chance to join together and receive a top-notch education at one of the most prominent schools in the UK thanks to this UK scholarship. Students studying abroad may be offered international scholarships, fellowships, or grants. There are numerous internships and scholarships available at University College London (UCL) for overseas students.

Brief Details About UCL Scholarships

  • Host Country: United Kingdom
  • Host Institution: UCL
  • Funding Type: Fully Funded
  • Level of Study: Master’s Degree
  • Fields of Study: Several Fields
  • Eligible Students: International Students
  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Application Status: Open Now
  • Application Deadline: April 27, 2023

The Benefits of UCL Scholarships

  • Students will be given an annual grant of £15,000 (for one year).
  • They cannot apply for other grants or scholarships along with this one.
  • Applicants will receive all the benefits assigned to the global University London alumni.
  • It is an opportunity to study at a world-leading research university and gain a high-quality education.
  • They will be allowed to be part of a diverse and international community and scholars at UCL.
  • Access to various academic and personal support services to help students succeed in their studies and future career.

The Eligibility Criteria for UCL Scholarships

  • International students from any country outside the UK are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • International students have to pay the fee at an international rate.
  • Applicants must be pursuing a Master’s degree.
  • Applicants must come from lower-income families.
  • They must have applied for admission to a full-time Master’s program at Global University London.
  • Furthermore, applicants must meet UCL’s academic and English language requirements for the program they are applying for.

Required Documents for your Application

  • Completed scholarship application form.
  • An updated CV.
  • Personal statement outlining the motivation for pursuing a master’s degree at UCL and how this scholarship would support their academic and professional goals.
  • Official transcripts and certificates from your previous studies.
  • Evidence of English proficiency (if English is not your first language).

Application Process

  • The application process is online.
  • Applicants must apply and secure admission at UCL.
  • Login to the portal with the correct details.
  • Click on the ‘view’ button to check the active application you wish to apply for funding.
  • Click on the ‘funding’ option in the menu at the top.
  • Click on the Check and apply and check the scholarships.
  • Click on the scholarship you wish to apply for.

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