Scholarship 2023 from the National Association for Surface Finishing

February 26, 2023

For undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in chemical engineering, material science or engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering, environmental engineering, or chemistry, the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) Scholarship 2023 is available. Applying for this scholarship is available here. Your application must be submitted by a deadline that varies. The National Society for Surface Finishing (NASF) is the provider of this scholarship, which has a Partial Funding value of $1,500. This scholarship is available to: All citizens.

Graduate students, college juniors, and seniors studying metallurgical engineering, environmental engineering, materials science engineering, chemical engineering, metallurgy, chemistry, or materials science are eligible for scholarships from the National Association for Surface Fishing.

Eligibility Requirements for Scholarship 2023 from the National Association for Surface Finishing:

  • The applicants for NASF Scholarship Award should be junior standing when applying and senior standing for the 2022-23 academic year.
  • The candidates should be attending an accredited college.
  • The applicants can be both national and international applicants.
  • The undergraduate students should have a GPA of 3.0 or above and graduate applicants should have GPA 3.3 or above.

Required Documents:

  • A resume with their academic achievements not exceeding 2 pages
  • Two letters of recommendation from professors or employers, and an academic advisor
  • A statement explaining the applicant’s career goals and plan of study in not more than 2 pages
  • A copy of undergraduate or graduate transcripts

Selection Criteria:

  • The candidates applying for NASF Scholarship Award are selected based on their academic merit and personal statement.
  • The applicants will also be assessed based on their extracurricular activities and work experience.

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