King’s College London Free Online Courses With Certificate 2023

February 12, 2023

Many free online courses from King’s College London are accessible at Future Learn, and they provide free credentials. Everyone is welcome to participate in the free online classes. After completing the course, you are eligible to earn a free certificate of completion.

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Its free online King’s College London courses were created in collaboration with King’s academics. Typically, the most current discoveries in a certain field of research are featured. Students can interact with students from all over the world through the courses, which can help them learn and understand a subject better.

Future Learn has a few free online courses from King’s College London, however, only a handful of them include credentials. This article will only cover free courses that provide free credentials.

Don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity. King’s is one of the world’s top ten universities (QS Global Rankings for 2020).

Fields of Study

  • Basic English 1 Elementary
  • Basic English 2. Pre-Intermediate
  • English for Healthcare
  • A Brief Introduction to Business Management
  • Introduction to Nursing The role of nurses All Over the World

Benefits of King’s College London Free Online Courses With Certificate 2023

  • Free of Cost
  • Access to this course for life
  • The PDF certificate of Achievement

Elementary English 1 Elementary

Advertising – Take this online course to improve your listening skills and learn basic English for everyday use.

With the help of this free online course, you may learn the essentials of the English language and its usage. You’ll feel more confident in ordinary encounters, and your listening skills will improve.

Listen to English-speaking individuals conversing in a variety of locations using your computer or smartphone. Tests can also be used to measure your comprehension.

You can choose to converse in English with other students and provide short responses to simple discussion themes.

You will be able to after the course at the end of the course…

  • Recognize the various languages used in daily tasks like speaking to students, studying, or having a job discussion.
  • Gain competence in fundamental language skills that can be useful in a number of contexts.
  • Use language skills in daily conversations
  • Build a strong foundational knowledge of the languages that will aid students in their pursuit of university-level study.


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