Brazil Humanitarian Visa for Afghan Citizens

January 10, 2023

Brazil Humanitarian Visa for Afghan Citizens

Apply Now for the Brazil Humanitarian Visas if you are an Afghan.

Brazil established the granting of a temporary visa and residence permit for the purpose of humanitarian reception for Afghan nationals, stateless persons, and people affected by a situation of serious or imminent institutional instability, serious violation of human rights, or international humanitarian law in Afghanistan through interministerial decree number 24, dated September 3, 2021.

This visa is currently available from the Brazilian embassies in Tehran, Abu Dhabi, Ankara, Doha, Islamabad, and Moscow.

It is notable that the visa is intended for those who face a genuine threat as a result of recent political events in Afghanistan.

Those interested in applying for a visa in Tehran should bring the following documents to the Embassy (with a prior appointment):

I – valid travel document;

II – completed visa application form; (available here)

III – proof of booking a ticket to Brazil; andIV – certificate of criminal record issued by Afghanistan or, in the impossibility of obtaining it, declaration, under the penalties of the law, of absence of criminal record in any country (available here).

Following the completion of the online form, the candidate must print the receipt from the electronic system, sign it, and attach his 3×4 photo.

There are no Application Fees for Brazil Humanitarian Visas!

To obtain this visa, the citizen must present a reservation for an air ticket to Brazil at the time of the interview at the Brazilian Embassy.

It is notable that the applicant will be solely responsible for all support in Brazil.

It is still preferable, but not required, that the citizen has already established contact with a resident of Brazilian territory who can meet and greet him upon his arrival.

The Brazilian embassy in Tehran can only conduct 50 humanitarian visa interviews per day. Before visiting the embassy, applicants must make an appointment.

To schedule an appointment, the candidate must send an email with the subject APPOINTMENT and his full name to vistos.teera@itamaraty.gov.br.

Please do not attach any documents to this email. An appointment request will be ignoble.

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