Brazil Humanitarian Visa for Afghans for 2023 (Complete Guide)

February 12, 2023

The Brazilian government has taken significant steps to support refugees and asylum seekers by launching the Brazil Humanitarian Visa through Interministerial Decree Number 24, dated September 3, 2021. This visa aims to provide temporary residency and protection to Afghan nationals, stateless persons, and individuals who face serious or imminent institutional instability, serious violations of human rights, or international humanitarian law in Afghanistan.

At present, the visa can be acquired through the Brazilian Embassies located in Tehran, Abu Dhabi, Ankara, Doha, Islamabad, and Moscow. It is specifically designed for those who are under immediate threat due to recent political events in Afghanistan.

To apply for the Brazil Humanitarian Visa in Tehran, interested candidates must schedule an appointment at the embassy and bring the following documents:

  1. A valid travel document
  2. A completed visa application form (available online)
  3. Proof of booking a ticket to Brazil
  4. A certificate of criminal record issued by Afghanistan, or a declaration of absence of criminal record in any country (available online)

All required documents must be submitted through the online form, and the candidate must print the receipt, sign it, and attach a 3×4 photo. There is no processing fee for the Brazil Humanitarian Visa.

At the time of the interview, the candidate must present a reservation for an air ticket to Brazil. Although it is desirable, it is not necessary to have prior contact with a resident in Brazil who can receive and welcome the applicant upon arrival.

The Brazilian Embassy in Tehran can process up to 50 interviews per day for the Brazil Humanitarian Visa, and applicants must schedule an appointment in advance by sending an email to vistos.teera@itamaraty.gov.br with the subject “APPOINTMENT” and their full name. Note that appointment requests will not be considered if documents are attached to the email.

Once the visa is granted, all support and responsibilities in Brazil will fall on the applicant. However, with the opportunity to start a new life in Brazil, the Brazil Humanitarian Visa provides hope and a chance for a better future for Afghan refugees and asylum seekers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brazil Humanitarian Visa for Afghans:

1. Who is Eligible?

People whose lives, freedom, and security are jeopardized owing to the political situation in Afghanistan and who are unable to return home are eligible for a Brazilian humanitarian visa. Brazil’s humanitarian visa is specifically for persons who face grave danger as a result of political developments in Afghanistan after August 15, 2021.

2. How to Apply?

Applicants must go to the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this nation to complete the visa application online and upload all relevant documents. The applicant selects the day and time of the interview with the Brazilian embassy while filling out the application form. After completing all of the form’s phases, the individual will be given a request code that may be used in the future to access the form, change it, download it, and follow up on the request. The applicant prints the form, attaches his photo, signs it, and seals the final version. He must retain both the scanned and printed versions of the form on hand.

3. What are the Required Documents?

The registered files of ID card, passport, sample signature, photo, and proof of non-commitment of crime are necessary to complete the humanitarian visa application. Applicants must also arrange a plane ticket to Brazil and a document (for example, a bank account status report) confirming their financial ability to reside in Brazil, which they must give to authorities at the relevant embassy on the day of the interview.

4. How to Submit an Application?

The asylum seeker goes to his personal e-mail page and enters the e-mail address of the relevant political representative in the sent address section; In the subject section of the email, enter the name, surname, and request for an interview; In the text of the email, write the name, surname, father’s name, date of birth and your intention to receive a humanitarian visa, and then attach the completed form and send the email.

5. In which Countries can Afghans Apply for a Brazil Humanitarian Visa?

Humanitarian visas are currently exclusively given by Brazil’s political embassies in Pakistan, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey, and Russia. This link will take you to the websites of Brazil’s political embassies in these and other countries.

6. How About the Interview?

Applicants must produce the printed paperwork, passport, and proof of financial capabilities to officials at the relevant Brazilian embassy on a certain date and time. People discuss their lives, education, employment experiences, and the sort of danger to the interviewers during this interview. Humanitarian visa applicants must also respond to some of the officials’ queries, and all responses and explanations are documented in writing. At the completion of the interview, the candidates are requested to wait for the embassy to make a decision and respond.

7. How to Request a Follow-up?

Applicants can use this page to check the status of their application by entering the application code, name, and date of birth. If the applicants are granted a visa, they will be notified via this website.

8. How to Receive a Humanitarian Visa?

People will be contacted via email and phone as soon as the visa is issued. Applicants can then obtain their visas by returning to the embassy. After receiving the humanitarian visa, the visa bearer has 180 days to enter Brazil.

9. What should you do once you get to Brazil?

The majority of foreign flights arrive in Brazil at Guarlhos International Airport in Sao Paulo. If you arrive in Brazil without a place to stay, there are temporary shelter options available through public government networks and civil society organizations. Visit the Office of Humanitarian Support for Refugees and Immigrants at Guarulios International Airport for information and assistance. This agency offers refugees free help, as well as information and referrals to social networks and public shelters. More information is available at the Guarulios airport’s human rights office for refugees. However, because there are few possibilities for family shelters in general, it is essential for asylum seekers to make contact with a Brazilian citizen in advance to provide support upon arrival.

10. How Much Will It Cost?

A humanitarian visa is free of charge, but Afghan candidates should be aware that they are responsible for all expenditures associated with their flight, transit to Brazil, housing rent, food preparation, and other expenses associated with their stay in this country.

11. What is meant by the temporary establishment?

People who enter Brazil using a humanitarian visa have the right to request recognition of refugee status or temporary residency for the purpose of the humanitarian entrance.

12. What is meant by the term “refugee again”?

There are no plans to move individuals from Brazil to other nations after they have decided to live there. Furthermore, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) does not provide assistance for refugees in Brazil to be resettled in other countries. Individuals can, however, ask for refuge in other countries from Brazil and, if necessary, refer to the political representatives of other nations.

Help & Advice

You can read the announcement of the Brazilian government regarding the issuance of humanitarian visas to Afghans in this link. Specific information regarding the Brazilian humanitarian visa is also available for reading on the official website of the UNHCR or the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. It can be recalled that the humanitarian aid office for refugees and immigrants is located in the second terminal – B Asa Mezzanine – office number 116 its contact number is 00551124454719 and its email address is paaguarulhos@gmail.com.

For more information, please visit the official:
website of Brazil’s Embassy in Tehran.
website of Brazil’s Embassy in Islamabad.
website of Brazil’s Embassy in Doha.
website of Brazil’s Embassy in Ankara.
website of Brazil’s Embassy in Abu Dhabi.
website of Brazil’s Embassy in Moscow.

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