December 31, 2022

UK Scholarships for Afghans

Apply Now for UK Scholarships for Afghans. Afghan women are welcome to apply to the University of Dundee (UoD) to pursue full-time postgraduate degrees in the academic year 2023-24. This scholarship provides a full tuition fee waiver as well as a monthly living allowance. In addition to the living costs stipend, students can benefit from the accommodation allowance, which is paid directly to them in monthly installments.

Students can live in either private or university housing. The UoD does not pay for any additional fees associated with the cost of private housing, such as deposits, utility bills, or damages. In addition, students will not be reimbursed for furnishing costs for unfurnished properties. The scholarship does not cover late fees or other residence-related charges for students living in University housing. Apply also for World Bank Internship.

This opportunity is only available to University of Dundee applicants. A student who has already been admitted to their study program will not be able to apply to the University. The University will only fund the first year of study for applicants pursuing a two-year postgraduate taught program. The student must fund their second year of study on their own.


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