About Us

What We Are?

EuropeScholarships.eu is an online, worldwide scholarships searching platform where students can fund their higher studies through various scholarship programs like Fully Funded, Partial Funded and etc. EuropeScholarships.eu was found on September 2022.

What We Do?

Our responsibility here is to inform international students with brilliant scholarships from top-ranked universities from around the world. It is mentionable that the scholarships we recommend are not founded and stablished by us. We re only here to give you a better understanding with clear and detailed information about any scholarship. 

What We Provide?

We are here to facilitate students with the latest opportunities from different organizations and universities. The opportunities we offer are as follows:



International Awards

International Grants

Exchange Programs


Competition Programs

Start-up Events


Online Courses

Our Mission

The main vision & target of EuropeScholarships.eu is to grow the educational system and create a large database of world-wide opportunities listing where everyone from any part of the world can get advantage of, and fund their studies to gain real-world experience.

Why Choose Us?

What makes us to stand out from the crows is that we only offer the most real and beneficial opportunities with the most detailed and complete information. We also offer a consultancy system to our clients to get information about any program.